Monthly Archives: September 2018

Quick Learning of Foreign Languages: Myth or Reality?

Agree, many have this happened – every time when we have a desire to learn a new language, we appreciate how much it can take time and abandon this idea. It seems that such a case will take all the time, which is already a little. We refute these prejudices, offering an intensive English course […]

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English slang business that you did not know

In our story, let’s talk about business jargon in American English. In addition to the words and expressions that our English textbooks are rich in, I will propose a number of new turns that you are unlikely to find there. Why? Simply the creators of textbooks have not yet had time to make such words […]

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How to prepare for the IELTS and TOEFL exams

Passing the exams is always accompanied by excitement, because assessing your knowledge somehow influences the future fate. Relying on luck is a deliberately losing strategy. The only correct decision is competent preparation for the exam, especially if you are going to take a test of knowledge of a foreign language. IELTS and TOEFL: where to […]

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