5 main mistakes that hamper us to learn the language

Probably, very many of us starting some kind of thing dream of seeing an instant result. And even if we are realists and do not expect “all at once,” we want to observe at least some fruits of our labors. In learning any language, the result becomes noticeable with time, with experience: you need to know and know a lot, and most importantly – to correctly build the learning process to achieve what you want. Today we want to draw your attention to the 5 main reasons why you can not learn a language as quickly as you would like:

  1. Absence of a system. Choosing an English school, first of all you need to pay attention to the training system – this will become the main “anchor”, which will help you avoid confusion and difficulties in mastering the material. The program for learning English should be properly written and written, so you will develop a system for you to do, get homework and perform them, more and more immersed in the language.
  2. Skipping lessons. The excuses “bad weather”, “no mood” or “not today” do not work. You just have to forget about them if you want to achieve results.
  3. Failure to complete the homework. See point 2. When studying any language, homework, or rather their timely execution, is a very important element that will become an excellent assistant in the future. You will need to consolidate the knowledge gained in the lessons of English, doing exercises and memorizing new words. Sorry, but without this in any way.
  4. Unthinking memorizing of phrases and rules. Learn the words and expressions you need, but the rules of grammar are important to know. We try to teach to think, speak English and use the rules in practice, and not mindlessly memorize the text.
  5. Lack of motivation. This is probably the most terrible “sin” of all students. If you do not have the desire to attend lessons, and you do it because you need to. You can not try – you will not succeed. But if you are focused on results, are willing to spend your time and invest in your future, then we recommend going to a language school for courses.

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