Quick Learning of Foreign Languages: Myth or Reality?

Agree, many have this happened – every time when we have a desire to learn a new language, we appreciate how much it can take time and abandon this idea. It seems that such a case will take all the time, which is already a little.

We refute these prejudices, offering an intensive English course for beginners: to learn English with us in a short period – perhaps! What’s the secret?

Intensive way to learn English: Principles and methods

Learning begins with discipline. You and your teacher or yourself set a task – to master conversational English, so there must be ways by which you can achieve what you want. We are convinced that studying with a specialist-individually or in a team-is more beneficial than self-mastering English. But there are tips that will make the process of passing the express course more rapid and effective.

  • Learn in an atmosphere of a living language. The intensity is attached to the constant exchange of information with native speakers of English and the same students as you, just striving to master it on a conversational level.
  • Repeat the material. Use the learned words and sentences already in the course of the courses to fix them, then remind yourself what you learned the next day, and then systematize the knowledge gained over the course of the week. This will allow information to gain a foothold in your memory.
  • Not a single textbook. Information that is submitted in profile publications is created specifically to structurally and consistently master English. But you should use it in practice – read blogs in English, watch TV series and films in the original and with subtitles, turn on the English menu in your phone. All this will make it possible to apply the framework that was obtained on the courses, create a certain language environment. In addition, it makes the training even more intense – you also learn outside of classes.

The main thing is to remember that intensive development of English is not a joke or entertainment. You will process a large array of information, so you need motivation and an incentive for a short time to achieve what most people take a year or two.

To pass the course of express English is better with the appropriate attitude, because this is not an easy task, which requires the student to give.

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