Writing Expository Essay: Eight Basic Features

You will not only face the task to write a string of expository papers at school, college, or university; this type of academic routine will also be the part of your everyday professional life in future when explaining something or composition instructions and requirements. Apply guidelines mentioned below to find out more about expository type of writing and improve your skills as a writer.

Introduce only factual information

You do not have to introduce your own personal point of view concerning the topic. As usual, expository type of writing straitens your task to gathering appropriate informational sources and facts that back up the thesis. When composing an explanatory essay, remember that it demands description or explanation from your side. Try to imagine that the audience has absolutely no ideas regarding the subject, so it is essential to describe everything in the most detailed way, even if some facts seem to be obvious for you. In addition, you can have a look at good expository essay examples online in case you are not sure concerning the whole matter at all.

Be concentrated when working on this or that topic

One of the most significant characteristic features of a fruitful expository paper is being concentrated on the topic without straggling from the whole subject. It is also advisable to get rid of wordy explanations and irrelevant additional informational sources, which will not lead to a better comprehension of the topic. In order to prevent wordiness, pick up the topic that can be narrowed down. In this way, it will give you a possibility to focus on introducing several main ideas and thoughts.

Apply a compare and contrast method

One of the options for expository composition is the discussion of similar and different sides between two persons, places, or objects. It is no need to enumerate all similar and different features, select the most significant ones that distinguish a certain thing or a particular person when being engaged in writing a short expository essay.

Define effects and causes

Making explanation how things can have an impact on each other is one more strategy. It can become helpful to start by presenting a certain fact and then enumerate and make an analysis of reasons that provoked that state of things.

Make a description of the procedure

One more type of writing, which is known as the process paper, introduces step-by-step guidelines on the best way to make something important and necessary. Before being engaged in the process of composing, it is compulsory to collect all necessary informational sources because you have to be an expert in that peculiar topic to provide instructions for your readers in the most appropriate way. Therefore, you will know for sure how to write a expository essay.

Offer a definition

Another strategy is to outline the meaning of a particular term or notion. You have the right to pick up any single object for your close assessment, either a living one (a flower or pet) or one of abstract notions (courage or friendship).

Find an answer

It is possible to state difficulty within the introduction part, developing possible solutions for it in body paragraphs. At the same time, you might also pose a question and then offer several detailed answers to this issue.

Do not forget to adhere to structure of an expository essay, which has no less than five paragraphs.

You need to apply the standard structure: the introduction part with the thesis, the subsequent three body paragraphs with the explanation of the thesis, and the part of conclusion that restates the main thought or idea.

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