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Do you still remember your school days? At the latest in the class level, in which all spelling and grammar rules were once treated and it was about producing texts independently, the task of writing essays was the first task – and this task has certainly not left you until you graduate, because an essay is the best exam variation to test a variety of skills. Which skills you have to have to write a good essay, is also the subject of this article and the recruitment test writing essays, which blooms in particular applicants for a dual degree, but is also used in the commercial field as a test variant.

These skills and abilities are needed by an essay writer

The task of writing an essay is usually associated with a topic that is explicitly named and that may be narrower or broader. An example could be: “Discuss the pros and cons of the vegetarian diet.” This topic is very narrow in that it claims that you must give a discussion on the best that treats both sides. The same topic in a somewhat vague form could read: “What about vegetarian nutrition? Explain your point of view.” The theme is similar, but theme variant 2 requires more personal conceptual strength to craft an essay that is structured and valuable in content. In any case, the ability that every essay writer has to bring is called conceptual strength.

Once the outline is in front of the inner eye or even on the paper, it’s time to write. And for that, of course, skills are needed such as the correct command of English grammar and English spelling. Anyone who has taken good care of English, has a good chance to produce a reasonable text. But between a well-worded text and an appealing text lie worlds. Sometimes the one world of sensible texts is quite sufficient, namely, when written communication is not the focus of professional activity. However, there are also a number of professions where the perfect command of speech and writing is the nuts and bolts. And exactly in these cases, the other world is in demand, in which the essay writers are not only good in English, but understand the craft of writing and can also apply target group appropriate.

Admission essays writing – two examples, two professions

In order to underpin the theoretical construct outlined above with examples, a topic from the gastronomy industry should once again be used. A cook and a hotel manager are confronted with the interview essay writing. Both have applied in the same company (a large hotel with restaurant) and write an essay on the subject of “wedding banquet. Plan the most beautiful day in the life of two newlyweds”.

For example, the cook could write: “After the wedding, a champagne reception is planned. Guests can drink sparkling wine in front of the hall, in the foyer or outside. After a short break the cake buffet opens. The wedding cake and another cake come from our own pastry shop. The rest is delivered by the wedding party. The dinner is served in buffet form. After a mix of hot and cold appetizers, three main courses follow: two meat dishes and a vegetarian option. The highlight of the dessert buffet is an ice cream cake.”

The article by the hotel manager might read: “The layout of the wedding hall has already been discussed with the bride and groom. The flowers and the decoration of the tables are taken over by the brothers and sisters of the bridal couple, who will arrive in the hall around 9 o’clock in the morning of the wedding. On the part of the hotel the tables and chairs have to be set up there. The tables are simply set, the decoration with flowers and table accessories follows. The wedding party arrives at the celebratory champagne reception in the hotel. For champagne and juice snacks are served, which are made by the hotel. Also a part of the cake buffet is put out of the house. The cake buffet can be set up during the first deposits in the foyer. During the wedding delay, which will take place outside the hall, the banquet can be prepared for dinner. It starts with an appetizer buffet of cold and hot dishes, followed by 3 main courses and a dessert buffet with ice cream cake. Four operations are reserved by the hotel for the wedding. One of them will be a waiter who will open the cocktail bar around 9pm. The wedding couple sleeps at the hotel. The witnesses manage, with the help of the hotel staff, where the gifts should be brought.”

The difference between these two essays lies not in the linguistic, but in the content. While the chef has purely focused on the task, the hotel manager has considered the wedding as a whole. Both have done well their job (relative to their profession). However, this example also shows that there can not be a model solution for the Write Review essays setting test.

Typical topics in the recruitment test writing essays

Although there can not be a model solution for the essays for college admission, we would like to give you some sample topics to prepare for.

  • Subject sports education. Is this only part of the curriculum of schools or should physical education be offered during the training?
  • Topic media. Which media would you recommend if there is a desire in the room to find out about the current world affairs every day within 20 minutes? Explain your decision.
  • From school to training. What changes are personal, structural and financial?
  • Keyword politics. To what extent should citizens of a country participate in the political process? What options are there and what is your personal opinion?
  • From the category “News”. Terrorism is now rampant in Europe. What factors have contributed and what do experts recommend? Explain how to deal with this topic yourself.
  • There are regular food scandals. What measures do you derive from this and what conscious handling of food do you maintain?
  • Do you believe that team building measures are necessary in the context of training and which examples could be put into action in your eyes?

In addition to these topics, which largely come from the category “general knowledge”, there are also questions that specifically target the subject during training or permanent employment. In order to be able to reason with these topics in terms of content, you must come up with expert knowledge. Therefore, these topics are more likely to be in the recruitment test writing essays with the goal of a permanent position. Aspiring trainees focus on attitudes, personality and general knowledge.

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