Negative Adjectives

10 adjectives that broaden your language will be examined by the content! Buddies, Hi! Here are 10 of the adjectives with which react adversely about issues and circumstances. Or to explain the poor characteristics of individuals! Types of their use will help their interpretation is better understood by you. Attempt to develop your personal illustrations utilizing the language – that is fresh!

Adjective #1 – Gruesome

Gruesome converted into European vocabulary indicates “excessively unsightly, horrible” (the antonym of the term stunning). Additionally, it may be used to explain unsettling issues and fairly – surprising. Its headlamps are gruesome, although I love this vehicle. (I love this vehicle, but-its top lamps are incredibly unsightly) Gruesome functions of the German were, dedicated throughout the battle. (The Nazis did horrible issues throughout the battle)

Adjective #2 — revolting/repugnant

These adjectives both are converted as, unhealthy that was revolting. Utilize items that ashamed you to be described by them. This revolting odor cannot remain. (I cannot remain the bad odor) Their cracks – that are repugnant are currently making me angry. (Their horrible antics are pissing me down.)

Adjective #3 is stingy

This adjective is definitely an antonym for that term “that is generous — large” and converted into Euro vocabulary indicates, “Really, stingy that is selfish “. You are so stingy that you cannot actually get her the bouquets. (You are so selfish they cannot actually provide her the bouquets.)

Adjective #4 – ridiculous

The term can also be a choice to express “really annoying — really irritating”. It may be, used to explain an individual anything, or somebody is conduct. For instance, she is really – noisy. It is therefore ridiculous! (It is so noisy. It is so irritating!)

Adjective #5 — structural

Means “irregular, disappointed that is insufficient, structural.” Often, it is used to explain individual associations that were totally regular. Lisa includes a structural connection together with her dad, who would like to manage every part of her existence. Lisa comes with an irregular connection together with her dad who would like to manage every part of her existence.)

Adjective #6 — ruined

Within food’s framework, means that was spoiled “ruined”. Explaining individuals (the majority are children), this adjective means “ruined.” Everything he desires from his parents is, got by Dan. He is truly ruined. (Dan gets. He is truly ruined.)

Adjective that is #7 — slimy

This adjective may be, used to explain the slick and moist consistency. Additionally, it is used to explain no honest guy, who attempts to please everybody and to conceal their identification. Earthworms are slimy. (The earthworms are slick.) I actually do not like people. (I actually do not like “slick” people.)

Adjective #8 – questionable

“Cold insensitive” individual. How will you be questionable? (How will you be so chilly?)

Adjective #9 – dismal

The adjective – that is dismal means “dull, dismal”. Often used to explain the current weather, but may also explain duties locations, or occasions. The current weather is truly today that is dismal. (The current weather today is dismal.) I am, so fed up with our city – that is dismal. (I am, fed up with our dull town)

Lastly, the 10 — small

Often-used to explain individuals who hit the scams of issues that were small. My buddy is truly small. He gets angry with me after I neglect to express “Hello”. (My buddy is really small. He snaps at me after I neglect to express Hello to him).

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